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Pages Published online: 04 Mar Original Articles. Adhesion Through Silane Coupling Agents. Article Metrics Views.

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Published online: 2 Apr Legg i handlekurv. Silanes are the most popular and widely used coupling agents or adhesion promoters to promote adhesion between dissimilar materials in a variety of situations, e.

Silane Coupling Agent

The technical program for the symposium contained 36 papers and reflected both overviews and original research contributors and the presenters hailed from academia, industry and other research laboratories. Many different aspects of coupling agents were discussed, and both fundamental and applied aspects were accorded due coverage.

In addition to formal presentations, there were brisk and lively discussions throughout the symposium, and this event provided an opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas in the broad arena of adhesion promoters.

This present volume contains 18 papers by experts from academia, industry and other research laboratories. All manuscripts were subjected to rigorous peer review and were suitably revised before inclusion in this volume. The book is divided into two parts as follows: Part 1. The topics covered include: silane adhesion prompters for hydrosilylation cure systems; sterically hindered silanes; study of silanes hydrolysis; adsorption of silanes on different substrates; interaction of water with silane films studied by neutron reflection; characterization of glass fiber sizings; silanes as dispersion promoters; corrosion protection of metals by silanes; surface 'Intelligraft' as a new class of adhesion promoters; hydroxymethylated resorcinol, sol-gels, and -diketone functionalised polymers as adhesion promoters; and plasma deposition of silanes.