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The poem details his struggle with drugs, and his mother is hoping that it will go some way to encouraging drug addicts to overcome their addiction. Simon sadly suffered a cardiac arrest in prison earlier this year as a result of his prolonged drug abuse, tragically just a day before his 38 th birthday. He was troubled. But he was still my son, and I loved him. He was very young when he got into drugs, about 13 or He just took the wrong path.

He had sought help two days before he died. No mother should have to lose their child. Tina and her sister Julia believe that the poem will encourage addicts to make positive changes as well as to increase awareness of the issues and impacts that come with a drug addiction. Here is an excerpt:. So many people around the world, like Simon, have unfortunately succumbed to a drug addiction. However, if you are battling an addiction and would like to address the issue before it is too late, contact us here at Recovery Lighthouse. We can assist in helping you overcome your addiction and move on to lead a happy, sober life.

Drinking is the opposite of staying. What I know has taken a long time to learn, and even longer to accept. As long as I could feel, I was going to get high. After, they said I was like a saint.

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Why was he so broken? And why did his broken make me feel broken, too? But we can make choices if we want to live.

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    "Drug Addicts" JUCE TV Spoken Word by Mark J. The Poet

    A seagull plummeted into the wounded water. I trust, nowadays. I have to keep at it There was no map, no compass.

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    Being the addiction is hope turned into betrayal, and happiness turned into suffering. It soon lies down by my side at night and rises with me in the morning, eating away at my mind.

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    It is me trying to stay strong for him despite its burdening weight pressing down on my body. It is me trying to help but only pushing him closer to the edge of the cliff.

    Being the addiction is him wearily wandering through the day, but sleeplessly staring at the wall at night. It gushes into every crevice of his life until all that is left of it is a lingering apathy.

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    It makes his empty body go limp, being the only life-like feeling he can turn to. Being the addiction is weakly lying down in the grave that it has slowly carved out for him.

    It is kicking back and screaming only to be smothered by the piles of dirt that it throws on top of his face. Being the addiction is him digging his chewed fingernails into the crumbling bleak dirt to haul himself back up into reality. Being the addiction is begging me to come back and pull him out of the black abyss. It is being alone. It is peeling this infernal costume off of his body.

    It is him coming out clean, becoming clean, and staying clean. It is gluing together broken hearts and sewing back damaged relationships. Beating the addiction is admitting the agonizing truth that has been buried for weeks on end.

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    It is blurting out that first word until all of them come tumbling down onto the coffee table in front of everyone. It is him trying to recall his tragic emotions but being unable to explain his horrid actions over and over and over and over to the therapist, the alcoholic, the aunt, the high school friend. Beating the addiction means potential relapses.

    It is him impulsively dragging himself into his parents room and reaching for the key to the safe of pill bottles. He snaps his arm back and runs crying to me as I comfort his struggling soul. It is him taking Adderall before work because he still feels demoralized. It is me dropping my life in order to drag him up from the ground below my feet. Beating the addiction is feeling stronger day after day as we slowly plummet it to the earth. It is him feeling capable, clear-headed, content with himself. It is him not reaching for the safe for a whole week and the word NO finally making its way into his blocked ears.

    It is feeling alive.