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Pairs state-of-the-art echo images with more than videos that illustrate the full range of cardiac disease diagnosed with this powerful imaging approach.

Cardiovascular Disease

This enhanced eBook experience allows you click on each figure to see the corresponding video , as well as search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Key Features Concentrates on the foundational concepts you need to know to perform and interpret echocardiographic studies and to pass your board exams. Covers all advanced echo techniques , including contrast echo, 3D echo, and myocardial mechanics, as well as intraoperative and intra-procedural transesophageal echocardiography TEE.

Discusses what alternative diagnostic approaches to initiate when echocardiography does not provide a definitive answer.

Diagnostic and Interventional Techniques

Key Features More than chapters authored by a veritable "Who's Who" of modern medicine. A practical, templated organization with an emphasis on evidence-based references. Thousands of algorithms, figures, and tables that make its information readily accessible. Supplementary videos, heart sounds, and key references. Available in print and on a variety of electronic devices. Supplemented by over board-style questions and answers to help you prepare for certification and recertification examinations.

Continuously updated by Lee Goldman, MD. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase , which allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. Key Features Contains significant updates throughout , covering all aspects of current diagnosis and treatment. Features 27 all-new topics including chronic traumatic encephalopathy, medical marijuana, acute respiratory failure, gallbladder carcinoma, shift work disorder, radial tunnel syndrome, fertility preservation in women, fallopian tube cancer, primary chest wall cancer, large-bowel obstruction, inguinal hernia, and bundle branch block, among others.

Provides current ICD insurance billing codes to help expedite insurance reimbursements. Patient Teaching Guides for many of the diseases and disorders are included, most available in both English and Spanish versions, which can be downloaded and printed for patients.

Offers access to exclusive online content : more than 90 additional topics; new algorithms, images, and tables; EBM boxes; patient teaching guides, color images, and more. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Gill: Atlas of 3D Echocardiography 1e. Goldberger: Goldberger's Clinical Electrocardiography 9e. Issa: Clinical Arrhythmology and Electrophysiology 3e. Otto: Practice of Clinical Echocardiography 5e. Otto: Textbook of Clinical Echocardiography 6e. Rychik: Fetal Cardiovascular Imaging 1e. Topol: Textbook of Interventional Cardiology 8e. Yu: Cases in Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy 1e. The book can be used as a standalone method of practising ECG interpretation, and even with the most difficult ECGs a beginner will be able to make an accurate description of the trace and will be guided towards the key aspects of the interpretation.

Lang, Steven A. Goldstein, Itzhak Kronzon, Bijoy K.

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Khandheria, and Victor Mor-Avi. Dynamic Echocardiography combines textbook, case-based, and multimedia approaches to cover the latest advances in this rapidly evolving specialty.

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The experts at the American Society of Echocardiography ASE present new developments in 3D echocardiography, aortic and mitral valve disease, interventional and intraoperative echocardiography, new technologies, and more. You'll have everything you need to apply the latest techniques in echocardiography and get the best results. Gillam and Catherine M. This volume in the Practical Echocardiography Series provides practical guidance on advanced and challenging echocardiographic techniques such as 3D-, contrast-, strain-, and intracardiac echo.

Cardiology Clinics

Definitive, expert instruction is presented in a highly visual, case-based approach that facilitates understanding and equips you to master these difficult and cutting-edge modalities. Cases, procedural videos and abundant, detailed figures and tables show you how to proceed, step by step, and get the best results. As a leading reference on pediatric cardiology and congenital heart disease, Anderson's Pediatric Cardiology provides exhaustive coverage of potential pediatric cardiovascular anomalies, potential sequelae related to these anomalies, comorbidities and neurodevelopmental problems, and current methods for management and treatment.

The fully revised 4th Edition addresses significant and ongoing changes in practice, including recent developments in fetal, neonatal, and adult congenital heart conditions as well as expanded content on intensive care, nursing issues, and societal implications. Chung, Steven M. Pogwizd, and Nora Goldschlager. Concise, compact, fully-illustrated and easy to read, Arrhythmia Essentials, 2nd Edition provides detailed, practical information on recognizing and treating heart rhythm disturbances for clinicians with any level of expertise.

The author team, led by renowned authority in cardiac electrophysiology, Dr. Brian Olshansky, guides you skillfully through the different types of arrhythmias and how they present on ECGs. You'll find specific examples of each arrhythmia, numerous algorithms to facilitate an approach to arrhythmia diagnosis and management and updates on medical therapy all in a convenient volume perfect for on-the-go reference.

Accurately identify complex geometrical distortions of cardiac anatomy using 3D echocardiography and make more informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment.

Essential Interventional Cardiology - 2nd Edition

A highly visual, consistent, and practical format with online videos and more presents the authoritative, case-based, expert guidance you need to enhance your utilization and interpretation of this cutting-edge, dimensional diagnostic tool. Kramer and W. Gregory Hundley. Atlas of Cardiovascular MR provides the rich visual guidance you need to effectively diagnose cardiovascular problems using the latest cardiac magnetic resonance imaging approaches. Using a case-based approach, this clinical tool explains how to select and implement the best imaging options for every type of cardiovascular disease and shows you how to interpret your findings.

Interventional Cardiology Board Review Questions - Dr. Samin Sharma

Mann, Douglas P. Zipes, Peter Libby, and Robert O. Make the most informed decisions surrounding patient care with the new Braunwald's Heart Disease Practice Guidelines.

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Derived from the 10th edition of Braunwald's Heart Disease, this resource was designed to provide practitioners, physicians-in-training, and students at all levels with the critical tools to keep abreast of the rapidly changing scientific foundations and clinical advances in cardiovascular medicine. As new guidelines emerge, this eBook will be updated by the Braunwald team of editors, who will synthesize updated information from various societies and, where appropriate, highlight important differences between guidelines.

With more than review questions derived from and keyed to the newly revised 11th Edition of Braunwald's Heart Disease, Braunwald's Heart Disease Review and Assessment, 11th Edition, is the perfect review tool for fellows, residents, and practitioners to prepare for board exams in cardiovascular medicine. Noted Harvard educator Dr. Leonard S. Zipes, Peter Libby, Robert O. Bonow, Douglas L.

Mann, Gordon F. Tomaselli, and Eugene Braunwald. Trusted by generations of cardiologists for the latest, most reliable guidance in the field, Braunwald's Heart Disease, 11th Edition, remains your 1 source of information on rapidly changing clinical science, clinical and translational research, and evidence-based medicine. This award-winning text has been completely updated, providing a superior multimedia reference for every aspect of this fast-changing field, including new material about almost every topic in cardiology. Keep abreast of the rapidly changing scientific foundations and clinical advances in cardiovascular medicine with Braunwalds Heart Disease: Late-Breaking Clinical Trials and Latest Updates.

This eBook includes coverage of: 29 Late-Breaking Clinical Trials: Summaries of the most important late-breaking clinical trials presented at the major cardiology meetings, along with many of the original meeting presentation slides 79 Hot Off the Press Articles: Expert commentary provided by Dr. Eugene Braunwald on the most clinically relevant articles in the field 14 Focused Reviews: In-depth articles that examine the latest topics in cardiology.

Designed to be of benefit to both cardiologists and radiologists, CT and MR in Cardiology covers all aspects of this fast-growing subspecialty, providing a current, comprehensive resource for physicians at the point of care. Cardiologists will find authoritative guidance on the performance and interpretation of CT angiography and MR to complement echocardiography and angiography, and radiologists will find practical, highly illustrated information on specific cardiac CT and MR diagnostic procedures. Rapid advancements in cardiac electrophysiology require today's health care scientists and practitioners to stay up to date with new information both at the bench and at the bedside.

Douglas Zipes, Jose Jalife, and William Stevenson, provides the comprehensive, multidisciplinary coverage you need, including the underlying basic science and the latest clinical advances in the field.