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Klint also works as a logistics and prehistoric technology consultant for media productions that focus on natural history and human evolution. His research takes him across the globe, which allows him to use his experience with remote fieldwork and photography in a number of different archaeological applications, but his passion is food origins.

His side research is into the prehistory of the diverse palate of ingredients, techniques and recipes available to the modern cook on which he is currently writing a book. Global user acquisition manager at Waze. Previously pastry chef in one of the most innovative Israeli restaurants of all times - Catit by chef Meir Adoni a bit of a twist.

Above all, I am a people's person. I love meeting new people and connecting with them, or connecting them to each other. The best bit is I get to work with large multinationals and small startups - the whole ecosystem is my playground. We use rats to save lives by detecting land mines, TB and lots more using their amazing sense of smell.

Loves big ideas and big imaginations. Kristina Libby is a professor, business consultant, author, podcast host and researcher. Her career has spanned cybersecurity, AI, consumer tech, luxury goods, e-commerce, food aid and entrepreneurship. Currently she's producing and a hosting a podcast for Popular Mechanics on Cyberwarfar, teaching at NYU and launching a luxury consumer goods company.

Co-fouded and ran the first ecommerce site solely dedicated to Telecom products in France in acquired in On the board of the non-profit United Hatzalah, a unique global organization that has disrupted the way Emergency Medical Services are provided. On the board of TOM, a global network of 4, makers deeply impacting the lives of thousands of disabled people.

Leetha is a strategist intrigued by the power of collaboration as a tool for social change. She serves as the president of the PopTech Institute www. Her tenure at PopTech began with the establishment of the PopTech Social Innovation and Science Fellows programs, which are dedicated to identifying and training promising innovators and scientists.

Leetha has a deep and diverse background in strategic development, and has advised and served on the boards of numerous organizations and agencies. She lives on a small farm in Maine. Louise was the lead singer and songwriter of the Israeli electronic act Terry Poison for a decade. The band had several hits on national radio and toured the world. When the band stopped performing, Louise created a web development business that is creating websites and content for hotels, shops and other businesses around the world.

Missing the stage-life, Louise is currently working on a new music project with a New York-based producer and hope to be releasing music and video in the next months. Video-artist, documentary filmmaker, creative director. Fascinated by the mutually reinforcing elements of music, visuals , spatial design and storytelling, Maaike has co- created many audiovisual - experiences, docs, video-installations and stage —designs with a broad range of commissioners, varying from TV —stations , fashion-brands, theatre companies , museums and autonomous artists.

Maria is the co-founder of Big Couch and FilmChain. Maria has a BA in Sociology and an MA in Filmmaking and her two companies are tech driven solutions that focus on the automation of processes, increasing transparency, and empowering the filmmakers and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Marius Veltman is a user experience designer and creative technologist from the Netherlands with over fifteen years of expertise in digital product and service design. Marius holds a profound knowledge of what is moving today's digital users.

Je Suis A Prendre - (brigitte Lahaie) -

Marjorie covers innovation at degrees. She dives in the impact of digital on our daily lives and near future, sits with the innovators who are disrupting the industry and make a change on societal issues. He moved across a range of disciplines from UX, to systemic design to define innovation visions and strategies.

Right now, he is on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we want to live in. I want to make the world more beautiful, more connected and where ever I can try to support people and projects that do so as well. My background is in branding, marketing, advertising followed by the creation of Wisher.

Born in Canada, lives in Israel.

Writes children's books. Invents things. Plays music and sings.

Unsimulated sex

Can't whistle or draw. Co-founder of www. I have a keen interest in spirituality and personal growth, spending a lot of my free time searching for what makes an authentic life, and how that relates to my role as an entrepreneur. Michael Beneville is a storyteller. He works across all scales and is agnostic to medium.

Matthew B. Roberts

Michael and his Beneville Studios team specialize in realizing the visions and telling the stories of their clients, whether individuals, families or corporations. Michael Beneville is the Chief Creative Officer and visionary leader behind AREA15, a ,square-foot reinvention of immersive art, entertainment, retail opening in Las Vegas in early Over her career she has held executive positions in the Ecommerce, Technology, Media and Entertainment, and Wine sectors.

She has also been an entrepreneur and worked in hospitality as a Sommelier. The hardest thing she has done to date is become a Master of Wine. She lives in San Francisco with her husband David. Palestinian Israeli singer songwriter, actress, TV content creator, creativity and stage performance coach, artist and artivist. Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management.. Additionally, he is the Alfred P.

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Sloan screenwriting Professor at the American Film Institute. His hacking background has led him to later pursue non-traditional ways to investigate the brain, using methods and techniques that benefit from heavy computational skills and novel research tools. Notably, he has been working with patients undergoing brain-surgery where he studies behavior, emotion, decision making and dreams by directly recording the activity of individual neurons using electrodes implanted in the patients' brain. He holds multiple patents and his work has been published in wide-circulation academic journals such as Nature, as well as popular science journals such as Scientific American Mind, Wired, New Scientist and more.

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Professor Cerf has had short-lived careers as a furniture-designer, a pilot, a radio host, and a filmmaker, and he has served on the boards of pharmaceutical, telecom and fashion companies. Most importantly, he is right handed. Innovation team leader in a big Israeli high tech firm. Know how to ignite a bonfire with a single match. Earlier a software entrepreneur, now switched to education, opened several IT schools in Siberia, Russia to teach children IT skills.

My passion is to help children find their passion and true purpose in life. Natasha Tsakos is known for pioneering ways of integrating technology with live performance. She is passionate about the language of interactivity between the imaginary and the real, and creating extraordinary experiences on Earth and beyond.

Later Nicolas worked as Executive Producer and Editor for the comedy web series Gringolandia, which was sold to Netflix and currently reaches over 5 million views worldwide. After living 10 years in New York, Nicolas moved back to Chile and co-founded Nano, a digital agency focused on producing viral content for brands.

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For 3 years he directed, edited and produced more than comedy videos. Nicolas Granatino started his career in London at J. Morgan in investment banking. In he moved to LabMorgan, J. Morgan's e-finance incubator aiming to transform the financial services industry. In , he left J. Morgan to pursue cancer research at the University of Oxford. Since August , he has worked on digital identities as he firmly believes that this regulation will foster the emergence of a new data paradigm and ecosystem for the internet.

Nicole is an entrepreneur in the machine learning space and passionate about bringing digital technologies to serve companies, government and society. Nicolette Beach was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and commenced formal art training at the San Francisco Art Institute where during the tumultuous social upheaval of the early 80s she held fast to her masterful representational painting style.

1001 blagues

Nicolette has established herself as a resourceful creative and innovative force as she is presently the proprietor of an exclusive architectural model building enterprise regarded by many as one of the best in the country. Nusrat Durrani is a pioneering media executive, producer and award-winning creative with over 20 years of experience conceiving and executing transformative, multi-platform content and branded entertainment for both commercial and social impact.

Olivier founded several companies in Asia. Especially in e-commerce and. Communication agency.