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Paul Canning also leased the estate and others. Wyndam Passage act allowed tenants to purchase their farms in Wyndam Passage act allowed these tenants to purchased their land in There are a few trees on ancestry I linked to that are doing the Beresford genealogy. Tenants bought farms in as result of the Wyndam Land Purchase Act. Barre Beresford made improvements. The portion of the estate in Ballykelly also was improved. Agents: Sampson and Gage.

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Tenants bought their farms in by the Wyndam Land Purchase Act. The land was improved in Muff later renamed Elington.

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In it was the best managed estates of the H. The Templemoyle Agricultural School now is on the property.

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In they tried to dispose of the land. In 20th century the farmers own their land and pay a fixed annuity yearly to the Land Commission instead of rent. I think R. The estate was in Articlave. McClelland brought people over from his Scotland estates to settle here. This estate is near Antrim President Andrew Jackson and the McQuillin family are supposed to be connected and from this area perhaps this is where they came from.

In surveyed and improved the land. The estate is part of the Downhill Estate. You can see photos of it on line. I think I also sent a photo. You can visit the estate. I have seen postcards of this estate. McClelland is a typo. McClelland Cosignitory John Stamp. He and two family members are also in H. Property is listed as: store, offices and yard. The Lessor was John Mehan H.

Nearby to this property is Distillery Rd, Coleraine Railroad and another neighbor selling grain. James Corscaden sold grain and his father and cousins Youngs and Watts also were distillers, grocers and spirit dealers. The grain was shipped on Coleraine Railroad to the distillery for making alcohol for their business. Corscaden: US Consul, ship owner, window and glass importer. I saw the name Bersford on the estates of the Honorable Irish Society. She is part of this estate.

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That listing of the estates goes back to the Plantation in the H. Corscaden was the grain dealer and Mehan Ecclesiastical Commoner, H. Perhaps the H. A lot of last names that are on the manifest for the John Stamp are also on this directory and directory. Maybe they cut the relatives a good deal! John Munn, ship owner and part of the ones that bought Marcus Hill, was a grain merchant and flax spinner. I read the H.

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I think they have seven basic principles. They designed Londonderry to be a symbol of London. The Guildhall is the symbol of the Masons: A setting sun with seven rays coming from it representing the seven principles. There are seven gates radiating from the Wall Of Derry that they built with seven streets.

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Each street houses all fifty Livery Companies. Each of the fifty estates represents a livery company. The main goals of the H.

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One of them is benevolence. You said the McCorkells were probably not members of the church but they could have been Masons. They may have also been Hibernians and there was a local chapter in Philadelphia. The secret society that most of the U. Presidents belonged to was the Bones Club, a secret society from Yale University. Many US Presidents went to Yale. The main goal of the H. I bet their cities were set up with the capital being the sun and seven streets representing the seven Mason principles.

C is also set up this way.

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The Statue Of Liberty has multiple Mason symbols, our dollar bill also. US has fifty states and H. Since there is no separation between Church and State the H. Need to find evidence to support this.

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Three principles that are the foundation of the Freemasons: 1. Its members show compassion, understanding and respect the opinions of others. Relief: Charity towards others. Truth: They have high Moral Standards. The seven Principles Of Freemasonry: The Guild hall is the setting sun and the seven streets radiating from it are a symbol of the Freemasons.

Each street represents the seven principles: 1. High Moral code: Decency, Conviction, charity. Charity: Welfare and Happiness. Education 4. Religious not Religion: to have faith is a basic principle of all religions. Religion not discussed. Non-Political 7. Equality Among Members. From the book: Principles of Freemasons For Dummies. From the Royal Arch Degree: The Boundaries of Freemasonry: a quote from Deuteronomy about not moving landmarks set by their ancestors and their heritage of receiving the land that their God gave to them. The landmarks may be the Wall of Londonderry and the land they inherited is the land from the Plantation which the fifty livery companies each have an estate.

Under Home Rule The path of order was debated. The Unionists feared the RC pope and its politics would have its influence over Ireland. In the debate the Government feared these two groups could be secret and sectarian and they forbade its police force from participating in any secret society except the Freemasons.

Later the name was changed to Londonderry after the oak groves that once stood there. They built the wall of Londonderry with seven gates. They paid homage to themselves and they built the Guildhall. They were the government and when they needed more space they opened up more office space down the seven streets off the wall. Their homes were in the periphery near the Foyle so they could look at their ships.