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So what would it mean to have a teacher-in-chief? Blocking A Million Bad Men. How can you fight back against online abuse?

Promoting and Protecting the City's Health

Writers Clementine Ford and Ijeoma Oluo tell us about a few go-to tools, like screenshots, mass-blocking, and the mute button. That's what happened to Francesca. But Rebecca Traister says this race was thrilling long before it came down to an election night dead heat.

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Brittany Packnett is an activist who rose to prominence after she became a leader of the protests in Ferguson back in Brittany talks with Stella Bugbee about how she gets it all done, including how she decompresses from dealing with the heaviness of her work, travel hacks for the frequent flyer, and her philosophy of activism.

This week, Alison sat down with Stella Bugbee to talk about how she gets it all done, including how she develops her recipes, deals with online critics, and embraces her inability to chill. Make A Wish. When Hannah was a kid, everyone knew she was dying. All over town, donation cans showed a picture of her: a sweet little girl with cancer who needed help. But it turned out that Hannah's story wasn't so simple — in fact, she still doesn't understand everything that happened to her, and all the lies she was told.

In this episode, Cut writer Anna Silman follows Hannah as she gets a chance to talk to someone who can help her figure out the strange story of her childhood. Everyone Is Getting Divorced. Taffy Brodesser-Akner is perhaps best known for her profiles of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Tonya Harding, and Jonathan Franzen — turning her subjects into characters through the irresistible drama of being famous. Now, she's turned to fiction, and has just published her first novel, Fleishman Is In Trouble, about the painful dissolution of a marriage.

Taffy talks about her long-standing fascination with divorce, intensified as she's watched her peers go through the process in the age of dating apps, and shares an excerpt of her novel. What is life really like inside an immigrant detention facility? In this episode, we talk to Karla, who came from Honduras to the United States as part of the much-discussed migrant caravan. Instead, she spent months in a terrible limbo. We Are All Idiots. Filmmaker Sandi Tan told the Cut that her next project would be an adaptation of Elif Batuman's novel The Idiot — it's a book about a hapless college freshman.

So we brought Elif and Sandi into the studio to talk. Sandi pumped Elif for autobiographical details, Elif told us her big revelation of , and they agreed that people who lose touch with their past selves — however idiotic — are the worst. How To Do An Abortion. Cynthia Nixon joins us this week as we consider the past and future of abortion. What does it look like to end a pregnancy when the law stands in your way? Wendy Zukerman from Science Vs tells us about a group of women in the 60s who developed their own safe abortion kit.

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The spring thaw is here The Cut staff tries to figure out what it means to be horny in The answer involves asking Adam Driver to run you over with a bus. Call Your Mom. When you see "Mom" in your missed calls, do you start to sweat? Does a voicemail that starts "Hi, sweetie, it's me, so sorry to bother you You're not alone. Whether you have a great relationship with your mom or a predominantly shouting-based one, calls between moms and their kids are complicated. And on this episode, we hear from friends, colleagues, and listeners about how they navigate their mom calls.

And, we want to hear from you! We are planning an episode about being horny. Cynthia Rowley is a fashion designer, author, and successful businesswoman, despite not having a background in business. Stella Bugbee talks with Cynthia about balancing work and life, hustling Andy Warhol at the start of her career, taking risks in fashion and business, and much more.

This week, we listen in on a conversation between Dr. Alexandra Sacks, host of the new podcast Motherhood Sessions, and Anne. Anne never wanted to be a mom.

  • THE BOOTLEGGER’S DAUGHTER—a Unique Story of Growing Up Poor and Jewish in America before and during the Great Depression-- The autobiography of Mary Greenbaum Yulish.
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For years, her family, friends, and husband all told her, "When the baby comes, you'll change your mind" — but the change never came. Anne's now the mother of a toddler, and she's still struggling with lingering doubts about motherhood. You can listen to more episodes of Motherhood Sessions, on Spotify, or wherever you listen.

Nicole Cliffe and Daniel Mallory Ortberg met in the Hairpin comments section and quickly became long-distance friendship soulmates--they went on to start the website The Toast together. This week, they tell us about everything that's happened since they first bonded over Rebecca, answering questions like: How does a friendship change when one of you transitions?

What about when one of you finds God? And who the fuck is Loretta? Tamara Mellon is a fashion designer, businesswoman, and magazine editor. She founded the luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo in the 90s, and she walked away the company back in We talked with Tamara about starting her professional life over again in her forties, her path to sobriety, how she's come to peace with fractious family relationships, and much more. Selling Out. Author Curtis Sittenfeld talks about what it means to sell out -- from short stories on Chipotle cups to brand-written tweets. And she reads her short story "Creative Differences," about the making of a viral ad campaign.

Yasmeen Hassan is the Global Executive Director for Equality Now, an international non-profit that has successfully pushed governments around the world to pass laws protecting women from sexual exploitation and harmful cultural practices like genital mutilation. Stella and Yasmeen discussed how to get it done as a single mom, the importance of face to face communication, and growing up in Pakistan. Marriage: Why do we bother?

Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Teal Tuesdays and more

Our theory is that it all comes down to a good story--so this week, we've got two couples with really good stories. First, she's Deaf and he's hearing. Second, a couple who met while he was serving 25 years in prison. We're working on an episode about calling our moms -- because, at any given time, there's a decent chance we should probably call our moms.

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Networks: Gimlet Media. Language: English. The Woman of Your Dreams. Once upon a time, Carmen Maria Machado met a woman who was beautiful and smart and funny and amazingly, to Carmen wanted to be her girlfriend. They got together, and at first, it was everything Carmen had been waiting for We spoke to Carmen about her new memoir, In the Dream House, and her search for more women with stories like hers. Jenny Slate never had stage fright at all In this episode the comedian, actress, and author of the new book Little Weirds tells us about feeling like she was losing the thing she most loved.

And she shares some of the ways she's learned to deal with her anxiety — from finding a supportive partner, to deciding not to drink, to establishing a morning routine worthy of Georgia O'Keeffe. But then you walk in the door, and your fantasy future collides with reality. So: What comes next? In this episode, we talk to Congresswoman Lauren Underwood and Uncanny Valley author Anna Wiener about intense new jobs, and how to embrace the optimism of a fresh start without losing yourself in the process. Anonymous HIV testing by appointment only. Contraception for women who do not have access to a primary care provider OR who are under 19 years old.

Emergency contraception. Pregnancy testing urine only. Free condoms. Services we do not provide Sexual health concerns that are not related to sexually transmitted infections or contraception e. Urinary tract infection testing or treatment. Blood testing for herpes or pregnancy. Referrals from health care providers can be faxed to What is PrEP? Clinic process The clinic process is simple! At your first appointment, you will see a nurse and a doctor, answer questions about your sexual history, do some testing, and get more information about PrEP.

Get more testing through LifeLabs as requested from the nurse and doctor at your clinic appointment. Start PrEP. Drug coverage PrEP is covered by many plans you may be eligible for. Your primary care provider is the best person to go to for your pap smears, as these tests may require ongoing follow-up.